Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cars and Guitars, Minis and Time... Japanese as well?

Hiya! Rune Here with some updates on my life i guess...

On the left here is one of my latest additions to my space wolves army. I have painted two Vindicators in the last month, the only difference in their paint scheme is that the siege shield is Yellow and black :)

Time is a funny thing eh... they say time is infinite, although i'm not too sure about that.
I find myself in the lack of time constantly, with playing guitar and bass, some drums in along with it.
The car is standing still on the parking lot and won't fix itself so i guess i have to do that as well.

I just started a japanese course, and painting minis gets a little bit sidetracked in between all of this.
Yesterday seemed to be a quite productive day, considering i basecoated and washed 28 Grey Hunters and layed on the main colour on 12 of them! Progress seems slow, but in reality i guess it's quite fast when i put my efforts up against the efforts of my friends! I'm hoping to get a few smaller games in with the space wolves in a friendly laid back tournament this weekend. maybe i'll even write my first Batreps, gotta start somewhere.

This Flyrant on the right is done this summer i've been messing around with tyranids lately and my tervigon is soon to be posted here as it is well underway and only needs some feathering and some small washes here and there and it'll be done :)

i've also started to work on a new hobby table, i hopefully will get up a WIP series on that until it is finished.
We'll see what time will let me do since i'm a busybusy fella :P

I admit that it feels good writing down this stuff since it lets me organize my mind :)

Until next time, have fun with the hobby :)

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