Sunday, October 14, 2012

Space Wolves And The Passing Of Time!

So i haven't been doing much on the front of blogging since it's very hard to keep the motivation up when there ain't many people keeping tabs...

Well, it's not like i expected there to be a million followers since i would first have to make a name!

So here goes! We're trying again :)

I have gotten my wolves mostly done for a few months back, when 6th Edition released, just to find out, i don't like the theme anymore. Sick of it guess.

Anyways, I've started using my airbrush alot more as of late with painting big Monstrous Creatures and some  Vindicators and basecoating my Long Fangs. The new Theme will Use a bright grey colour similar to the old "Codex Grey" from the GW collection. what i really like about the new colour is that it has a shimmer of blue in the grey.

In my last post i showed you an army list i was planning on using, it's been re-thought a bit, and i removed the Aegis and added in a Rune Priest instead. Some Changes In wargear as well on most things ;)

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