Friday, December 21, 2012

Why am i not posting?

Well, i haven't posted here in quite a while... I have started writing a little bit for imperius dominatus these last few months. I haven't really posted much there either, but i guess that works fine for me. Who knows, maybe i'll start writing a bit for a certain other blog focusing on Space Wolves. I guess time will tell.

Until next time.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cars and Guitars, Minis and Time... Japanese as well?

Hiya! Rune Here with some updates on my life i guess...

On the left here is one of my latest additions to my space wolves army. I have painted two Vindicators in the last month, the only difference in their paint scheme is that the siege shield is Yellow and black :)

Time is a funny thing eh... they say time is infinite, although i'm not too sure about that.
I find myself in the lack of time constantly, with playing guitar and bass, some drums in along with it.
The car is standing still on the parking lot and won't fix itself so i guess i have to do that as well.

I just started a japanese course, and painting minis gets a little bit sidetracked in between all of this.
Yesterday seemed to be a quite productive day, considering i basecoated and washed 28 Grey Hunters and layed on the main colour on 12 of them! Progress seems slow, but in reality i guess it's quite fast when i put my efforts up against the efforts of my friends! I'm hoping to get a few smaller games in with the space wolves in a friendly laid back tournament this weekend. maybe i'll even write my first Batreps, gotta start somewhere.

This Flyrant on the right is done this summer i've been messing around with tyranids lately and my tervigon is soon to be posted here as it is well underway and only needs some feathering and some small washes here and there and it'll be done :)

i've also started to work on a new hobby table, i hopefully will get up a WIP series on that until it is finished.
We'll see what time will let me do since i'm a busybusy fella :P

I admit that it feels good writing down this stuff since it lets me organize my mind :)

Until next time, have fun with the hobby :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

6th Edition! Space Wolves Yet Again!


Rune here with some thoughts on 6th ed and space wolves.

6th edition seems to have made me a better player because it has made me think more on my chices for my army list as well as how i use all my units.

After a few games against necrons and tyranids, i have come to the conclusion that Space wolves are still Twin linked awesome.

The thing i find myself short of in most of the games i play, are Grey Hunters.... I usually play 1500 Pts Limit so i tend to take three troop choices as a minimum, while very often not getting a 4th because of te lack of points, but i'd like to say that the 4th group would be very welcome in 1750 armies.

As my armylist is now it contains:

Rune Priest w/ Runic Armour, 2 Divination Powers.(Warlord) 120
Wolf Priest w/ Saga Of The Hunter, Combi-Plasma, Melta Bombs 125

Grey Hunters(7) w/ Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW, Rhino 175
Grey Hunters(7) w/ Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW, Rhino 175
Grey Hunters(10) w/ 2x Plasmagun, Wolf Standard, MotW,  190

Wolf Guard(3) w/ 2x Combi-Melta, 1x Combi-Plasma 69
Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin-Linked Autocannons 125
Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin-Linked Autocannons 125

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs(6) w/ 5x Missile Launchers 140
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield 125
Vindicator w/ Siege Shield 125

1494 in total...

Any thoughts?

Can do pretty allright against Flyers as well with a good deal of Twin Linked weapons and the Rune Priest!

Space Wolves And The Passing Of Time!

So i haven't been doing much on the front of blogging since it's very hard to keep the motivation up when there ain't many people keeping tabs...

Well, it's not like i expected there to be a million followers since i would first have to make a name!

So here goes! We're trying again :)

I have gotten my wolves mostly done for a few months back, when 6th Edition released, just to find out, i don't like the theme anymore. Sick of it guess.

Anyways, I've started using my airbrush alot more as of late with painting big Monstrous Creatures and some  Vindicators and basecoating my Long Fangs. The new Theme will Use a bright grey colour similar to the old "Codex Grey" from the GW collection. what i really like about the new colour is that it has a shimmer of blue in the grey.

In my last post i showed you an army list i was planning on using, it's been re-thought a bit, and i removed the Aegis and added in a Rune Priest instead. Some Changes In wargear as well on most things ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Wolves On The Block! 1500 Pts!

Hiya Guys! I'm back with a small post on my new space wolf army for 6th ed.

The list itself is pretty simple with a little fun element that i came up with by myself, for once a creative moment came to me while designing a list.

Here it is:

Vindictive Wolves!

HQ: Wolf Priest w/ Saga of the Hunter, Combi-Plasma

Troop: Grey Hunters (7) w/ Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino, MotW
Troop: Grey Hunters (7) w/ Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino, MotW
Troop: Grey Hunters (10) w/ 2x Plasmagun,

Elites: Wolf Guard(3) w/ 2x Combi.Melta and Power Sword, 1x Combi-Plasma
Elites: Dreadnought w/ T-L Autocannon, Missile Launcher
Elites: Dreadnought w/ T-L Autocannon, Missile Launcher

Heavy Support: Long Fangs(6) w/ 2x Lascannons, 3x Missile Launchers
Heavy Support: Vindicator w/ Siege Shield, Extra Armour
Heavy Support: Vindicator w/ Siege Shield, Extra Armour

Fortifications: Aegis Defence Lines w/ Quad Gun Emplacement

Total: 1499 Pts.

The plan is to outflank the grey hunters with the wolf priest and cause plasma-lovely-death :)

The vindicators are my gatekeepers, which will blast everything with lovey-dovey-template-death :)

Long Fangs Squad leader will man the quadgun.

Troops does whatever troops does.

Any Thoughts?


Monday, July 30, 2012

So Yeah...

Allright, so i found out that writing stuff wasn't nearly as interesting as reading the stuff of others, well... what'cha gonna do eh?

guess i'll try to get back on track with this blog thingie in a little while... Tyranids are doing pretty good, i got tired of my marines, including the space wolves, so i needed some xenos stuff to get me back into the game, the next stuff will be eldar i think... But First My Loveley Nids must have a chance to shine ;)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well! it's been a while, i have finished my Razorback and my whirlwind and pics are comin' soon ;)

I've been working on some budgets and stuff for a friend and now that i'm finally done, i will collapse in my bed pretty darn soon.

I also got the cyberwolves from "Raging Heroes" yesterday, pics will be coming of that as well the next few days.

Friday i will start my work on a foldable gaming table for the gang so we can play, and then i'll  put it in a corner or a car or whatever after the games are done, so no one has a 6' x 4' table occupying their living room. Not too popular i believe...

Good night all of you.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Keep Forgetting Stuff!

It seems i have forgotten that i am playing my first tournament ever!

The stuff goes down on the 14th of April! Not quite sure where it was since a buddy of mine signed me up for me on it when he got the whiff of a tournament being held around these parts.

I'll be posting my list here in a little while when i have finished the last little tweaks.
Until next time, cheers!

Wolf Guard Painted!

Evening, so here's a little update on a project I have been working on/thinking on for a little while. As the title of this post suggests these are wolf guard meant to lead my Grey Hunters into battle, keep in mind that there has only been used spare bits i had to make these.

This one had to be converted with some cutting here and there. The sword is in fact a power sword for a terminator that followed in a case Dark Angels Veterans that i bought some years ago thinking I was going to start wargaming again, sadly it didn't last very long that time. I tried to make it look like he was wielding a two-handed sword, also i experimented a little with washing and adding paint here and there to let it flow into in and make some random patterns. His shooter is a Combi-Melta made from a bolt pistol and a multi melta(for a land speeder) i had in my bitsbox.

This guy here was  also dug out from my little box of wonders. The spear is made of some of the spacewolf bits from a wolf pack and a wolf guard terminator box, and a spear from a yeeeeeeeeeeeeOLD skeleton warrior i had lying around in a drawer in my living room. I Posed his spear so it would look a bit like he was some kind of a charge breaker, just to depict the counter-charge rule, Combi-Melta was made from a bolter and the previously mentioned multimelta.

Basically i threw in an extra shot if anyone was curious about it. Oh! I Forgot, this was the first model i tried out the "secret weapon scenics" series. This time i only tried the crushed glass for a snow effect, glue is drying at the moment, so i don't really know how it turned out.

And at last my third wolf guard who has a combi plasma and a power weapon or just CCW/MotW.
The Combi-Plasma is an easy conversion from a bolter and a plasma pistol. Knife + Glue is all i needed for it. I really missed these guys in the two games i've played with my wolves, so hopefully it will be more effective with these guys hanging around to help the Troops.

That is it for tonight folks, i'll be going to bed for the time being since there's this thing called work in the morning.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Paint Range From Citadel!

So Citadel as many as you know are the official paint dealers for GW! They are re-vamping their range and so far with the rumors or whatever, it's going to be huuuuge! Let us all hope it doesn't get more expensive from Paint => Price Ratio-wise... I mean, it's a tad expensive allready to be honest.

For more detailed information, you should visit BoLS or DFG as they usually post very nice stuff about them rumours out there!

Them Wolves Are On The March!

Hiya! Forgot about the blog for a couple of days, but hey it happens. to make up for that i'm going to talk a little bit about what little news there are this week for my sake in the grim future of the 41st millenia.

So my girlfriend has started painting the Tomb Kings from Warhammer Fantasy for a little while back, first thing she bought was this box of skeleton warriors, but the sprues have diminished fast for her and we needed to get some more stuff! (HEEEEELLOOOO Total Wargamer). For those of you who don't know about the cheap retailers of Games Workshop miniatures, head over to the above mentioned site or to Wayland Games to see their collection of minis!

Where I was going with this was actually just to tell you that I just ordered Thunderwolf Cav. Arjac Rockfist and some fenrisian wolves for myself. As for my gf, she ordered Tomb Guards, Ushabti w/CC weapons and as a little "here's some help on the way in the hobby" I bought her Prince Apophas.

I also got my hands on a cheap Trygon/Mawloc box from a friend of mine who wasn't going to use it, TYRANIDS LOOT!! :)

The title in itself is a pun, I ordered some space wolves(that is how they march), on the other hand it is the month of march too, kind of funny but not i guess. anyways...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Tip For You Console/Computer Gamers!

Hey, If anyone is interested and ever read this, a friend of mine has a really nice looking Blog about all things in computer and console games from neo to retro!
 It is Called "Always Gaming", it looks really shiny and nice if ye ask me. Robbie who runs the whole thingie is quite the expert on just about anything that has anything to do with games, give him a chance and he'll enlighten you.

Just passing the word.

Digressions And Confessions Of A Hobbyist

Hey, a little post here on the life as a hobbyist, if I may call myself that. A digression at first for me at least, which is the tyranids army from WH40K!

At first i didn't really like the tyranids at all, but as bugs are, they just creep up on you before you know it. Now I really like the 'Nids for what they are and how they look, but i don't have any idea how they are on the battlefield. In my case, the solution to that problem would be me starting an army of those buglings myself. At work yesterday i was sitting around not doing much other than helping customers, suddenly a thought struck me that the 'Nids would be very awesome to paint and play with. When I say awesome, I don't mean that I would make the tyranids very well, but they'd be fun! So on that note, I think that I will be starting this army after i've had some more fun with my space wolves (y'know... all those new models that spoil us bratty wolflings).

As for a Confession, i didn't like the new Thunderwolf cavalry box(to the right) at all, i rejected the idea of painting them at first since they weren't exactly how i would like them to be. After thinking a little while and seeing them for a second time, and together with the wolf lord model, i gave in to their looks. When the salary arrives, that is where my money will be going this month... Poor wallet... I guess the nids will have to wait for quite some more time, it's not like they're gonna disappear(in which case they'd only come back stronger and with a lesson well learned).

With that said(written actually), I bid you all a good day. 

The Dreaded Dreadnoughts!

Hiya! I'm back with a post on how the dreads turned out, not very advanced stuff but it looks fairly allright if ye ask me :)
I'll be doing the base later on with some snow and stuff, hopefully it'll look nice. If you wonder why his arms are a bit off, it's because it's an Ironclad Dreadnought converted into a regular one, using some parts from a Venerable Dreadnought(and yes, I am sort of a cheapskate when I can).
Now! Second dreadnought is a venerable one... Pretty standard(a bit gaudy if ye ask me, but that's how I envision the VenDread), but I'm pleased with how it turned out. There is a sorry pattern emerging here with the base and all that so i think i will have to get some sprues and glue+snow ;)

That would be all for this post, for those who might read this in the grim and dark future where there are only Blogs and war..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just For Fun!

Allright! So i couldn't leave this one out, it's just a model i did for the fun of it, so i thought i'd share it in case anyone comes across this ;)

The Text for the picture is:
I used to be an adventurer like you...

Headfirst into the Blogosphere.. Hang on to yer Nickers ladies and gents!

So here we go! This is my first attempt at blogging ever (not late at all, noooo), so bear with me on this one as my language will be a bit too vocal at first to be halfway recognisable as a language usually understood by the majority of the population on this side of the planet. Yes, I am of course talking about english.

This whole thing started by me entering the hobby of Warhammer 40k for the third time in history (still only in my early 20's so i'm not that old >,<), and thus i started to check out the blogosphere out there for some blogs that was dedicated to this hobby of mine. It turned out i chanced upon a Blog Called "Dark Future Games" with some guys from around Michigan somewhere in the US (excuse me and my non-existant geographical knowledge of the States). They really inspired me to step up my game, so since november 2011 i have started my first try at what will become a Space Wolf Army! Hurrah!! That is so original i guess... not that one should care right ;) Anyways, it was the sheer amount of fluff and stuff that made me lean towards these badass viking marines. And well, what better army for a viking from norway than a bunch of mean viking Marines?

So far i have painted a few things, and the list looks a bit like this:

29 Marines (Grey Hunters Or Bloodclaws, take yer pick yarr!)
1 Rune Priest (Always liked Psykers)
1 Lukas The Trickster (Because he is an awesome model)
5 Wolf Guard Terminators ( C'mon! Termies are awesome, at least they look awesome)
1 Land Speeder (Classic for me at least)
2 Dreadnoughts (I love them!)
6 Long Fangs (Pretty Nifty abilities game-wise)
1 Wolf Priest (Chaplains are always nice if you ask me, they embody so much of the space marines)

So there is what has been going down in my kitchen for about the last 4-5 months!

Next thing up will probably be a Rhino/Razorback (just not gluing the weapons on ), and after that there will be a Rhino/Whirlwind (Same as above).

On a side note, Raging Heroes Miniatures are releasing their Cyberwolves this week, so i ordered a pack of those, i'll be adding in some pics when i get them in my postbox. In case anyone interested will read this poor excuse of a blog.

Also i can feel my hobby ADD kick in a bit, hmmm.. those tyranids look real nice now don't they...