Thursday, March 8, 2012

Digressions And Confessions Of A Hobbyist

Hey, a little post here on the life as a hobbyist, if I may call myself that. A digression at first for me at least, which is the tyranids army from WH40K!

At first i didn't really like the tyranids at all, but as bugs are, they just creep up on you before you know it. Now I really like the 'Nids for what they are and how they look, but i don't have any idea how they are on the battlefield. In my case, the solution to that problem would be me starting an army of those buglings myself. At work yesterday i was sitting around not doing much other than helping customers, suddenly a thought struck me that the 'Nids would be very awesome to paint and play with. When I say awesome, I don't mean that I would make the tyranids very well, but they'd be fun! So on that note, I think that I will be starting this army after i've had some more fun with my space wolves (y'know... all those new models that spoil us bratty wolflings).

As for a Confession, i didn't like the new Thunderwolf cavalry box(to the right) at all, i rejected the idea of painting them at first since they weren't exactly how i would like them to be. After thinking a little while and seeing them for a second time, and together with the wolf lord model, i gave in to their looks. When the salary arrives, that is where my money will be going this month... Poor wallet... I guess the nids will have to wait for quite some more time, it's not like they're gonna disappear(in which case they'd only come back stronger and with a lesson well learned).

With that said(written actually), I bid you all a good day. 

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