Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wolf Guard Painted!

Evening, so here's a little update on a project I have been working on/thinking on for a little while. As the title of this post suggests these are wolf guard meant to lead my Grey Hunters into battle, keep in mind that there has only been used spare bits i had to make these.

This one had to be converted with some cutting here and there. The sword is in fact a power sword for a terminator that followed in a case Dark Angels Veterans that i bought some years ago thinking I was going to start wargaming again, sadly it didn't last very long that time. I tried to make it look like he was wielding a two-handed sword, also i experimented a little with washing and adding paint here and there to let it flow into in and make some random patterns. His shooter is a Combi-Melta made from a bolt pistol and a multi melta(for a land speeder) i had in my bitsbox.

This guy here was  also dug out from my little box of wonders. The spear is made of some of the spacewolf bits from a wolf pack and a wolf guard terminator box, and a spear from a yeeeeeeeeeeeeOLD skeleton warrior i had lying around in a drawer in my living room. I Posed his spear so it would look a bit like he was some kind of a charge breaker, just to depict the counter-charge rule, Combi-Melta was made from a bolter and the previously mentioned multimelta.

Basically i threw in an extra shot if anyone was curious about it. Oh! I Forgot, this was the first model i tried out the "secret weapon scenics" series. This time i only tried the crushed glass for a snow effect, glue is drying at the moment, so i don't really know how it turned out.

And at last my third wolf guard who has a combi plasma and a power weapon or just CCW/MotW.
The Combi-Plasma is an easy conversion from a bolter and a plasma pistol. Knife + Glue is all i needed for it. I really missed these guys in the two games i've played with my wolves, so hopefully it will be more effective with these guys hanging around to help the Troops.

That is it for tonight folks, i'll be going to bed for the time being since there's this thing called work in the morning.

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