Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Headfirst into the Blogosphere.. Hang on to yer Nickers ladies and gents!

So here we go! This is my first attempt at blogging ever (not late at all, noooo), so bear with me on this one as my language will be a bit too vocal at first to be halfway recognisable as a language usually understood by the majority of the population on this side of the planet. Yes, I am of course talking about english.

This whole thing started by me entering the hobby of Warhammer 40k for the third time in history (still only in my early 20's so i'm not that old >,<), and thus i started to check out the blogosphere out there for some blogs that was dedicated to this hobby of mine. It turned out i chanced upon a Blog Called "Dark Future Games" with some guys from around Michigan somewhere in the US (excuse me and my non-existant geographical knowledge of the States). They really inspired me to step up my game, so since november 2011 i have started my first try at what will become a Space Wolf Army! Hurrah!! That is so original i guess... not that one should care right ;) Anyways, it was the sheer amount of fluff and stuff that made me lean towards these badass viking marines. And well, what better army for a viking from norway than a bunch of mean viking Marines?

So far i have painted a few things, and the list looks a bit like this:

29 Marines (Grey Hunters Or Bloodclaws, take yer pick yarr!)
1 Rune Priest (Always liked Psykers)
1 Lukas The Trickster (Because he is an awesome model)
5 Wolf Guard Terminators ( C'mon! Termies are awesome, at least they look awesome)
1 Land Speeder (Classic for me at least)
2 Dreadnoughts (I love them!)
6 Long Fangs (Pretty Nifty abilities game-wise)
1 Wolf Priest (Chaplains are always nice if you ask me, they embody so much of the space marines)

So there is what has been going down in my kitchen for about the last 4-5 months!

Next thing up will probably be a Rhino/Razorback (just not gluing the weapons on ), and after that there will be a Rhino/Whirlwind (Same as above).

On a side note, Raging Heroes Miniatures are releasing their Cyberwolves this week, so i ordered a pack of those, i'll be adding in some pics when i get them in my postbox. In case anyone interested will read this poor excuse of a blog.

Also i can feel my hobby ADD kick in a bit, hmmm.. those tyranids look real nice now don't they...

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